NASCAR Cup Series at Las Vegas Speedway

NASCAR Cup Series at Las Vegas SpeedwayIf you’re keen on catching next-level sports entertainment this upcoming spring, you may want to check out the most outstanding professional motorsports racing extravaganza! The 2024 Pennzoil 400 NASCAR Cup Series will be making its phenomenal return in spring, and it’s taking over the city in a way like no other spectacle can! On Sunday, March 3rd, 2024, you can enjoy the remarkable high-powered vehicles as they speed through the iconic Las Vegas Motor Speedway! This highly-awaited event will deliver top-tier motorsports entertainment featuring some of the world’s best drivers and trailblazing automobiles in the industry! If you have a taste for high-speed, powerful engines and adrenaline-rushing moments, this is your opportunity to catch one of the most highly anticipated race events of the season! Tickets to the Pennzoil 400 NASCAR Cup Series are moving fast, so you better hurry and score your tickets now before they sell out!

NASCAR Cup Series Tickets


NASCAR Cup Series tickets

The annual spring spectacle from the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) will make its phenomenal return to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in March 2024! The wildly exhilarating race is one of the city’s highlights for the season. The event brings in some of the most talented and brilliant races from all over the globe to deliver their high-level reflexes and drive at unprecedented speeds – all to win the coveted NASCAR Cup Series. Last year, the 2023 series took over Las Vegas Motor Speedway like a champ. The event brought tens of thousands of automobile and race enthusiasts to the massive venue. The Trio-Oval Superspeedway became the destination for the coveted Pennzoil 400. Thirty-plus stock cars driven by the world’s most skilled drivers race each other – with over 200 laps to reach victory and be reigned champion for the year 2023.

Ultimately, ten drivers have their names etched in history in a previous NASCAR Cup Series event. As of this writing, the latest standings have already shown who will likely become victorious for the year. Daniel Suarez and Justin Haley from Chevrolet took the 8th and tenth sports. Meanwhile, Kevin Harvick from Ford landed at a cool number 9. Of course, Japanese cars will not let the Americans get the best of them. Hence, Bubba Wallace, Christopher Bell, and Martin Truex landed the 4th, 5th, and 7th spot. Chevrolet became the day’s favorites as Alex Bowman, Kyle Larson, and William Bryon took the top three. Bryon took the number 1 spot in the Cup Series while driving the No. 24 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. Less than ten years ago, the 25-year-old driver held the record for most wins by a rookie in the NASCAR Camping World Track Series. He also won numerous titles over the year. For three years straight, he won the award for the Rookie of the Year! This 2024, expect incredible talents like William Byron to grace the Las Vegas Motorspeed way. As the NASCAR Cup Series returns for its 76th season, speedsters enthusiasts are guaranteed an incredible day of world-class motorsports entertainment!

NASCAR Cup Serie

NASCAR Cup series – Thinking Big!

In some recent reviews by journalists, the NASCAR Cup series was described as “thinking big” by the Associated Press as its 75th season – summer series – closed to incredible results. The traveling motorsports spectacle has been known to increase revenue for wherever city they land. They’ve also been credited with increasing the influx of tourists. It’s safe to say that where NASCAR goes, people follow. “I think we’re all confident at NASCAR that we could take the Cup Series anywhere we want,” says Chief Operating Officer Steve O’Donnell.

Meanwhile, the New York Times interviewed a spectator in Chicago during a summer race this 2023. “They’re racing on the actual streets that I’ve driven on and walked on,” she said, “so that right there alone is exciting.” With NASCAR diversifying its audience and the rise in popularity of racing events among casual fans, its events now bring in approximately 50,000 attendees per event. Last year, NASCAR officials declared that 80% of ticket buyers were first-time spectators.

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Las Vegas NASCAR

With NASCAR bringing in exciting developments over the years, there is no question why motorsports racing events are making a big comeback. In the 2022 series alone, the event brought in 19 different winners and a groundbreaking debut of the Next Gen vehicle. NASCAR had no new manufacturer since Toyota joined in 2004. O’Donnell shared the possibilities of new cars to come for the upcoming season. In a podcast, he shared that he’s currently talking with an original equipment manufacturer. “We are having conversations right now with an OEM, so I’d like to say likely, but it’s tough. … But again, when you go back to looking at how soon is electrification going to come? Or where do you want to be? And at the end of the day, for us, it’s great if you want to be in the electric space, but we want to be entertaining, right? We’re a sport. We want to make sure our fans come out there and love what they see, and we’ve got to balance that.”

As NASCAR makes its phenomenal return to the Las Vegas Motors Speedway, spectators would be pleased to know that this incredible complex is built to accommodate a world-class motorsports event. The 1,200-acre event grounds contain room for 80,000 guests, as well as complete amenities and facilities. The Tri-Oval Superspeedway, built in 1996, has 1,500 mile- 1,500-mile-long track with a lap spanning 2.4 kilometers. Since 1998, the Las Vegas Motors Speedway has been hosting the NASCAR Cup Series. It has steadily become one of the most anticipated sports events in the state. With ample parking and plenty of space to move around, attendees will have a top-tier entertainment experience. The event ground also provides a vast camping grounds for fans traveling from across the world. Its Speedway Shuttle Program also ensures that spectators have easy access to transportation. Moreover, the venue has a Fans First policy that provides extra amenities like the Fan Zone, free parking on select races, a Garage pass, and many more!

Catch the most amazing race of your life by scoring tickets to see the NASCAR Cup Series at the Las Vegas Speedway this 2024! Access to the race is now available via the Get Tickets link!

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